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Commit and Thrive: To live a fulfilled life, we must commit to ourselves, align with life and fire up our will. We can only do this with an open heart and speaking our truth. As we move through life with consciousness and awareness we will feel satisfied and complete at the end of it all. We are called to share our gifts, to embrace uncertainty and to love deeply. What we do is what defines us and what we do is what we believe. Through the practice of yoga and learning about Tantra philosophy - and many other ancient philosophies - I have committed to living my life to the fullest by sharing what I have learned with others by using my gifts and teachings. Yoga and health studies have been a strong influence in my life. I have healed myself from a long list of chronic illnesses and I have found it is important that others need to learn about how the mystery of health and well-being can be accomplished and managed. Each one of us has the capacity to evolve into whatever it is that we are meant to be to serve the world and feel fulfilled. We need to open up the love pathways to get there and look back and feel complete!!!

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