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Day And Multi-Day Retreats

We gather four times a year. First One Day Retreat in January to plan our year three months at a time. We use our "My Life Design" platform to get us going, practice yoga , meditation and talk nutrition and detox. Then we gather again in March, June and September in the Equinoxes and Solstices

2022 No retreats scheduled

When was the last time you took time to enjoy other women's company practicing yoga, creating art, eating gourmet meals, fasting from refined foods and unhealthy habits? How do you want to feel? In these retreats we listen to each other without an agenda or judgement, we practice yoga, meditation, go on nature walks, create art, journal, talk nutrition awareness, relax and create our life's path. For centuries, in many traditions, people have practiced spending time alone or in groups to recharge and renew. Give yourself the gift of "retreating" to "reconnect":)

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