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Dolores has been in the fitness and health industry since 1989. In the early 90’s, she had been having challenges with her health and needed to focus on her lifestyle when she discovered yoga in 1994. Dolores found healing in the practice and decided she wanted to share this art with others. Dolores has trained with teachers from all different backgrounds such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin and Anusara yoga. Her mission in her yoga classes is to create a peaceful, safe and healing environment so students of all ages and abilities can have fun, feel good and cultivate self awareness. Dolores's classes integrate body movement with breath awareness, flexibility with strength, and relaxing into the moment. She brings profound enthusiasm and knowledge into her teaching. Dolores earned her yoga teaching credentials through Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. She is a graduate from Bauman College with a Clinical Nutrition Degree and earned a Plant-Base Nutrition Certification from Cornell University.  She also leads "Plant-Power" nutrition classes and PotLucks, detoxification workshops and "Vivid Women"/"Vivid Menopause" retreats. She is a facilitator for HealingStrong ( an online group for managing and preventing Cancer with nutrition.


Online or in person private classes. Call 408-710-5277 for appointments

Group Classes at Morgan Hill Yoga Collective

Mondays 6pm

Wednesdays 9am


No Yoga or Detoxification workshops scheduled for 2022

MyLifeDesign 2020 (No classes scheduled for 2022)

How do you want to feel in 2020?

How you want to feel is the most important and powerful form  of clarity in your life. This workshop is the window to see and know how you can generate how you want to feel.  You will create what you want to  experience for a creative, fulfilled life. This event will help you to begin your new "you" for 2020. Join me to design our lives together for the year so we can all feel fully alive. In order to have a "large vision", it is important to be in communion with others. The immense friendship and support between participants will further the evolution of consciousness with a quality of life that is impossible to describe. 

Limited Space. Reserve ahead of time by submitting payment.

"Thrive and Glow" Cooking Class (No classes scheduled for 2022)

Plant Power Pot Luck (No classes scheduled for 2022)

Venmo @Dolores-Kent


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