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The group journey will change your life . These groups are for women who have lost connection with nature, their heritage, power and body. Women who want to reclaim their ancient powers for healing to feel strong and open the gates to the "feminine soul of creation". These events and gatherings are personal journeys, guides to spiritual investigation and serve as a platform to create a vision of our role in this world. 

Plant Power Pot Lucks

3/28, 12-3pm

Please contact me for details. Bring a Whole Foods/Plant Based dish to share. Bring a printed recipe for 8 people. 

Healthy eating focus and support group! At a private residence. Please contact me for more information.


Once a year in the Fall women gather to share, inspire and relax for three or four days. Organic Whole Foods/Plant Based meals are served. (2019 retreat has been canceled)

Yoga and My Life Design Every Quarter 

We meet to identify the areas of our life that need attention and to create a plan to follow up for three months. We connect through a closed fb group and share , encourage and motivate each other to stay strong through the journey. We follow up every three months. Please contact me for more information.

HealingStrong Group

Our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases with holistic, evidence-based non-toxic therapies.  We provide resources, mentoring, training and support to groups around the world whose desire is to help others to heal strong and stay strong. Online every Tuesday. Please contact me for more information .

Detox Workshops Group 

Quarterly meetings. Cleanse and reset the metabolism, our mind and cells by creating changes in our diet and lifestyle to improve our well-being, energy, sleep and chronic issues.

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